Sports Performance Classes

Most athletes approach Champion Sports Performance to participate in our Sports Performance Classes. These small group training sessions prepare you to be faster, stronger, and more explosive. Building those skills leads to more confidence, fewer injuries, and greater performance.

We focus on continuous improvement and individual achievement. To better provide the attention needed to pursue that kind of growth, our small group training sessions are limited in size and athletes are grouped by age and performance level. So whether you’re an elite athlete looking to meet sport-specific metrics, or a young athlete looking to improve fundamentals of strength, acceleration and top-end speed, this program will help you make those gains.

We approach our training time with every athlete as focused work with fun mixed in. Every session will help develop mobility, strength, balance, flexibility, power, speed, agility, and quickness.

Group Speed Training

Sports Performance Class Offerings

Creating Champions Class (Ages 8-10)

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Pursuing Growth, Achieving Results

Explosive Speed Improved

For a group ranging from 9 through 28 years old, and including beginner through elite levels, their average improvement in explosive speed and acceleration was over 12% during a 6-month training period.

Speed Endurance Improved

That same group of beginner, intermediate, advanced and elite athletes, improved their speed endurance by over 15% during a 6-month training period. This allowed them to apply their improved speed for longer periods during competition with faster recovery.

National Champions

For a group ranging from 9 through 28 years old, and including beginner through elite levels, their average improvement in explosive speed and acceleration was over 150% during a 6-month training period.

Conditioning Stayed within
of Peak during offseason

With reduced workloads during the offseason, intentional work was programmed to keep athletes from straying too far from their competitive peak levels of conditioning. Many returned the next season with improved strength and quickness, and on average returned within 3% of their competitive peak.

Let’s Get Started!

Our Group Training classes are held at Southfork Sports Complex, an outstanding facility with indoor turf training areas, an outdoor field with both turf and grass, and (coming this winter!) a building dedicated to our Sports Performance programs for building speed and strength.

Group Training
Sports Performance Classes

Learn more about our classes at Southfork Sports Complext and sign up today. Classes are offered Monday through Thursday, with options to attend twice per week or take advantage of unlimited sessions each month.

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Have Questions?

If you have any questions at all, please send us a note through our Contact page.

Coming This Winter!

Here’s a sneak peek at the coming improvements that will be in place this winter for our athletes:

  • 80 yard outdoor turf running straightaway
  • 1,200 square foot building devoted to Sports Performance Training
  • Custom strength and power training equipment
Southfork Sports Complex

Champion Sports Performance at Southfork Sports Complex