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Sports Performance Classes and Programs

Our Sports Performance classes are designed specifically for youth athletes to deliver fun, challenging, age-appropriate training that addresses their unique needs as they grow and mature. As athletes move towards playing in High School, College, and beyond, our programs equip them to perform at their best and compete at the highest levels. Classes are available Monday through Thursday in our Building Of Champions facility at Southfork Sports Complex. Come join a group and train to get faster, stronger and more athletic!

Creating Champions Class


This class is for athletes 8-10 years old. We help these young athletes become more athletic through movements and games that are most appropriate for athletes at this stage of development to help build coordination, body awareness, strength, and speed.

Developing Champions Class


This class is for athletes 11-13 years old. Most of the athletes in this class are growing rapidly, and this class will target the athleticism, mobility, coordination, and strength needed to maintain body awareness during these crucial years as they begin to transition towards High School.

Training Champions Class


This class is for athletes 14 years old and up,  helping them to build the speed, strength, agility and athleticism necessary to perform at their best in High School and beyond. This class is perfect for athletes looking to push themselves alongside their peers to become the best athlete they can be.

Champion Sports Performance Progress Pyramid

Beyond helping athletes become stronger, faster, and more athletic, we want to help them develop into good athletes and (more importantly) good human beings! We want them to learn how to train, how to receive and give feedback, how to think about the long-term, how to be a good teammate and training partner.

We want them to become the athletes that Coaches want on their teams, not just because of how they perform in competition, but because of how they prepare, the mindset they bring to every rep of every practice, and their ability to be a role model for others.

With that in mind, we created our Champion's Code, which we emphasize and discuss throughout each week in our programs.

Using all of these factors, we created our Progress Pyramid which builds from Level 1 (Rookie) to Level 6 (Champion). Champion was intentionally placed above Gold to reinforce the idea that a true Champion does more than just win.

Champion Sports Performance Progress Pyramid

To learn more about our Progress Pyramid and how athletes can move from Level 1 to Level 6, continue reading here:


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Speed Development

Our training sessions don't aim to just get athletes tired. Our programs are designed to educate, building on solid mechanics and principles of speed. Athletes see the difference as they improve with each session and review their metrics over time.

Agility Training

In the heat of competition, the ability to change direction and adjust the speed of movement is critical for success. We train athletes to explosively brake, change direction, and accelerate again - making cuts and changes faster than opponents can respond.

First Step Quickness

Develop the explosiveness that gives you an edge over your competition. Explosive acceleration requires strength and technique, and we help athletes enhance both of those dimensions. When they are combined, it is like having a head start over your competition.

Quantified Progress Tracking

Our training is tracked and measured with data collected throughout the training program. Every athlete that trains with Champion Sports Performance begins with a baseline assessment. Those data points highlight strengths and weaknesses that are targeted in the training plan. Regular assessments are used to track progress, demonstrate growth, and inform adjustments to the training plan. Athletes can also see video evidence of their progress, taking advantage of video analysis to improve performance.

Injury Prevention

As athletes train to develop speed and agility, they will become stronger. Our training sessions emphasize appropriate dynamic warmups, mobility, proper body mechanics, and strength development. These all feed into the goal of getting faster, but give the added benefit of helping improve strength imbalances, reduce mobility issues, and help prevent injuries that could sideline them from their sport.

Sport-Specific Application

We don't just "work out." At Champion Sports Performance we train with a purpose. Teams that train with us receive plans, programs, and drills that help the athletes directly translate their work into the competitive arena for their sport. Even in individual and group training programs, when an athlete is striving to improve in a specific sport, we work with them to connect the dots and apply their speed and agility training to their sport.

Athletes of All Ages

We work with athletes ranging from 8 years old through the high school, college, and elite levels. Our training programs are designed to help these athletes maximize and reach their potential in whatever athletic activity they pursue.

Education and Training

We instruct athletes on proper technique and mechanics while developing speed, strength and agility. This technical foundation allows them to grow from "a fast runner" to "an athlete who trains to run fast". That knowledge and training translates into confidence and execution when it comes time to perform.

Local and Remote Training

We offer a range of programs that focus on helping athletes continuously improve. Our Group Training, Private Training, and Team Training programs are available to North Texas athletes and teams in the Dallas area Plano, Allen, Lucas, Murphy, and McKinney. Our Remote Coaching and Karate Conditioning Programs are offered to athletes and organizations all across the country.

You stop being average the day you decide to become a champion, because the average person won't make that decision.Tom Hopkins
“Coach Stratis is probably the most innovative coach I have ever worked with. He has a particular talent for recognizing the specific strengths and deficiencies of each individual he is working with, understanding how those relate to the overall goals, and ...”
"He always has a plan for every day and week and month that we are working on our training program. Coach Stratis’ effort and planning allows me to forget distractions and just work. When I can focus only on performing, the best of me comes through. ..."
“I still remember your directness (but not biting) and motivational approach. You were ALWAYS there with us and you truly walked the talk by guiding us through everything and not expecting us to go at it alone.”
"Coach Stratis consistently looks for processes that are inefficient and hinder growth, defines the deficiencies, and creates a new method to improve the process. When having coaching conversations, his presence is undeniable; he is 100% attentive..."

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