Remote Coaching

Now you can train with Champion Sports Performance from anywhere in the world! We have a long history of working with remote teams and individuals, embracing the latest technologies to collaborate seamlessly.

Online training is a valuable and cost-effective method for those individuals seeking to enhance their speed and agility and realize their performance goals. If your professional or personal schedule does not permit you to train with Champion Sports Performance locally in North Texas, this Remote Coaching Program is a perfect fit.

Just like our Private Training program, our Remote Coaching athletes receive fully customized programs and individual attention. Taking advantage of the latest technology, we use video conferencing, video analysis and feedback, and digital delivery of programming and reports. For those interested in taking things one step further, we also schedule weekend camps when groups of remote athletes get together with Coach Stratis for special in-person sessions.

Remote Coaching

Benefits of Remote Coaching


Struggling to find the time to train while balancing the demands of home with school or work? Remote coaching allow you to train when your schedule permits, wherever you are.


Your program will be developed specifically for you to meet your goals and fit with your constraints. Your workouts will change every few weeks based on your progress to foster continuous improvement.


With digital delivery, you have access to your latest training plans immediately. Send videos for quick analysis and feedback, and use video conferencing for face-to-face coaching from anywhere in the world.



Our training programs are designed to be effective as well as engaging – not just dull workouts. We believe that a Champion is willing to put in the work to achieve improvement, and we also believe that when you’re pursuing your dreams, you’ll find fun in that work. Mix in our own tendency to inject a bit of humor and fun in our coaching relationships and you’re set up with a training program that produces great results all around.


Remote coaching is a cost-effective option that will produce results. You can attend our periodic weekend camps for chances to train with other athletes and in-person guidance from our coaches, or enjoy the cost savings of not having to travel at all!


Pursuing Growth, Achieving Results

Explosive Speed Improved

For a group ranging from 9 through 28 years old, and including beginner through elite levels, their average improvement in explosive speed and acceleration was over 12% during a 6-month training period.

Speed Endurance Improved

That same group of beginner, intermediate, advanced and elite athletes, improved their speed endurance by over 15% during a 6-month training period. This allowed them to apply their improved speed for longer periods during competition with faster recovery.

National Champions

For a group ranging from 9 through 28 years old, and including beginner through elite levels, their average improvement in explosive speed and acceleration was over 150% during a 6-month training period.

Conditioning Stayed within
of Peak during offseason

With reduced workloads during the offseason, intentional work was programmed to keep athletes from straying too far from their competitive peak levels of conditioning. Many returned the next season with improved strength and quickness, and on average returned within 3% of their competitive peak.

Let’s Get Started!

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