Soccer Speed & Agility Training

In every game they play, soccer athletes are almost constantly moving. But it isn’t like running a slow-and-steady marathon – soccer athletes need to be able to change speed from a walk or jog to a sprint in a split second. Soccer speed isn’t just about sprinting ability either. Soccer athletes must possess the ability to rapidly decelerate, cut, change direction and re-accelerate as plays develop. They have to demonstrate this speed, endurance, agility and athleticism better than their opponents while reading the field and developing plays.

The magic behind soccer speed comes from the development of each of these skills and learning to apply them together in game situations. We work with soccer players and teams of all ages and skill levels to intentionally train each of these aspects of soccer speed, and work to translate that training to the playing field.

Whether you are an experienced player looking to perform at the next level (high school, college, and beyond) or you are young and new to the game, our speed & agility training will help instill the proper strength, mechanics, endurance, and athleticism to help you perform at your best during games.

Soccer Speed Training

Group Speed & Agility Training

In Group Training sessions we work with small groups of athletes to get faster and stronger. Working in groups is a fun way to improve while being motivated by others in the group to train hard. Sign up for our Group Training program, or contact us if you want to start a new group with friends or teammates.

Private Soccer Speed & Agility Training

Our Private Training sessions allow for fully customized planning, training, and analysis to help you achieve your goals. You’ll get 1-on-1 coaching to build the speed, strength, and agility that will enable you to play with skill, athleticism, and physicality. Knowing that you want to translate your training to the soccer field, your Speed & Agility coach will help educate you about how each exercise in your program is aligned with that goal.

Soccer Speed and Conditioning Training For Your Team

Champion Sports Performance can create a customized training program to fit the needs of your team. Let us know your goals and requirements and we can deliver a progressive training program to guide all of your athletes through their competition season.

Pursuing Growth, Achieving Results

Explosive Speed Improved

For a group ranging from 9 through 28 years old, and including beginner through elite levels, their average improvement in explosive speed and acceleration was over 12% during a 6-month training period.

Speed Endurance Improved

That same group of beginner, intermediate, advanced and elite athletes, improved their speed endurance by over 15% during a 6-month training period. This allowed them to apply their improved speed for longer periods during competition with faster recovery.

National Champions

For a group ranging from 9 through 28 years old, and including beginner through elite levels, their average improvement in explosive speed and acceleration was over 150% during a 6-month training period.

Conditioning Stayed within
of Peak during offseason

With reduced workloads during the offseason, intentional work was programmed to keep athletes from straying too far from their competitive peak levels of conditioning. Many returned the next season with improved strength and quickness, and on average returned within 3% of their competitive peak.