2024 Summer Training Programs


The summer months can be your game changer - get stronger, faster, more athletic, and resistant to injury as you prepare for your next season!

Our Summer Training Programs are for athletes in all sports. Athletes have told us that they found our program to be challenging, fun, and - most importantly - designed to help athletes achieve the results and improvements that translate to their sport.

Our 2024 Raw GRIT Summer Training Programs will begin Monday, June 3 and run through August 1.

Group sizes in each training session will be capped, so space is extremely limited. Don't miss out on your chance to claim your spot on the roster!

Raw GRIT Summer Program: Training for Highly Driven Athletes

Athletes preparing to compete on the National Team or play at the College, High School Varsity or Junior Varsity level have a dedicated program that offers training to match their drive and commitment to improving this summer.


These are some of the words that describe the mentality of successful athletes.
They are also at the core of our Raw GRIT Summer Program and how Coach Chris came up with the name for the program.

Athletes in the Raw GRIT Summer Program will have access to 90 minutes of Sports Performance training each day, Monday through Thursday. The training sessions will rotate through different areas of focus, ensuring that we consistently train to build strength, speed, coordination, athleticism, agility, reaction, and resistance to injury. The athletes in the Raw GRIT Summer Program will benefit from training alongside like-minded athletes who are driven to work hard and enjoy the process of improving.

Karate - Training with Champion Sports Performance has played a massive role in increasing my agility and strength year-round.

Athletes in the Raw GRIT Summer Program also receive a digital resource book compiled by Coach Chris Stratis that we work through and discuss throughout the summer. Topics covered included in this valuable resource are Nutrition, Goal Setting, Mindset, Applying Grit, Recovery, and more. Feedback from athletes in previous years has been that the material discussed in these topics has helped completely transform how they approach and perform in their sport!

Athletes will be equipped with information on how to become the best version of themselves, and supplied with pages and pages of examples of how to fuel their body to train, perform, and recover at the best.

PESH Baseball - The Champion Sports Performance training program is the most consistent, science-based program that you will find. As long as you commit to it completely you will see improvements.
UTD College Baseball - This program is great. Training with Champion Sports Performance is very helpful for getting stronger and faster. The coaching is very impactful by giving great feedback to improve running mechanics and lifting form to be injury-free. The speed training days have really helped me get faster.
NSU College Softball - I greatly improved across the board. I think every aspect of training with Champion Sports Performance was extremely helpful. This is a great program that is going to help you improve to be the best athlete you can be.

A Proven Program with a History of Delivering Results!

This will be the 8th year that we've offered the Summer GRIT Training Program to local athletes looking to make the most of their summer training opportunity! 

Over the past 7 years, the Raw GRIT program has established a proven record of consistently helping athletes achieve significant, quantified results.

As one athlete put it last year:

"I would highly recommend GRIT because the workouts are very intentional and the coaches are very knowledgeable. As long as there is enough effort, progress will be made."

At the start of the program in June and as we wrap up the summer at the end of July, we perform assessments to measure each athlete's strength, speed, power, and agility.

We track their individual progress as well as improvements made across the program by all athletes. Just like every summer previously, last year's results were outstanding!

Here's a quick look at some of the results averaged across all of the athletes in the program, from 7th graders to seasoned College and National Team athletes!

In Just 8 Weeks, here are some of the AVERAGE improvements across all athletes:

Overall Improvement
Top Sprinting Speed Improvement
Deadlift Improvement

Individual Athletes saw some even more eye-popping improvements in just one summer:

Deadlift Improvement
Max Pushups Improvement
Acceleration Improvement
0 mph
Top Sprinting Speed Improvement
60 yd Sprint Improvement
Vertical Jump Improvement

Schedule and Pricing

The Raw GRIT Summer Program is a two-month program that runs throughout June and July, beginning on Monday, June 3 ending on Thursday, August 1. Assessments will be conducted during the first and final weeks of the program.

Raw GRIT Summer Training Program sessions are held during the day, with training Mondays through Thursdays at SFT Athletics in Plano (1300 E Plano Parkway). 

We will have multiple Raw GRIT Summer Program training sessions each day, depending on enrollment and group sizes:

      • Raw GRIT Session 1: 9:30am - 11:00am
      • Raw GRIT Session 2: 12pm - 1:30pm
      • Raw GRIT Session 3: 2pm - 3:30pm (tentative)
      • Raw GRIT Session 4: 4pm - 5:30pm (tentative)

Pricing for this Sports Performance training program is split into two payments of $425/month.

My favorite part about training with Champion Sports Performance was being able to improve without judgement.

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