Building Of Champions

Champion Sports Performance offers world-class sports performance training in our "Building of Champions" at Southfork Sports Complex. Southfork Sports Complex is North Texas’ premier baseball and softball training facility. The facility includes:

  • An outdoor practice field with full-sized, artificial turf practice infield
  • The Player Development Center, a 10,000 square foot climate-controlled indoor practice area used primarily for individual lessons and cage rentals
  • Two full-size (70' x 16') covered Team Outdoor batting cages
  • 4,000 square foot climate controlled Team Indoor Cages
  • The Fieldhouse, which includes a 22,500 sq ft indoor practice field with a massive 19' x 11' video board and arena-level audio system
  • The 10,000 sq ft Performance Building which is home to The Armory with 4 pitching lanes, 2 climate controlled cages, and the 8,000 sq ft Building of Champions

The Evolution of the "Building of Champions"

The Building Of Champions is actually the 3rd generation of our home at Southfork Sports Complex! As our programs have grown, so has our space. While the first Building of Champions was a renovated 1,200 square foot storage shed without windows, climate control, or insulation, we quickly outgrew that space.

We next moved into "Building of Champions 2.0", which was a beautiful 4,000 square foot climate-controlled training space. Our programs have since outgrown that space, and that building was transformed into Southfork Sports Complex's current Team Indoor Cages.

Building of Champions 3.0

The newest Building of Champions (generation 3.0) is part of the latest and greatest addition to the facilities at Southfork Sports Complex. In late 2021, Southfork Sports Complex opened a new 35,000 square foot expansion that includes The Fieldhouse and The Building of Champions. The Fieldhouse is a 22,500 square foot indoor practice field with a jumbotron video board and arena-level audio system. The Building of Champions is 8,000 square feet of training space with roughly 2,500 square feet devoted to The Armory for Baseball and Softball throwing programs, and the rest of the space dedicated to Sports Performance training.

The Sports Performance training space features over 1,500 square feet dedicated to Strength Training and over 4,200 square feet of turf for Speed, Agility, and Reaction Training. The space includes 30 yards of indoor turf space for speed & agility training as well as custom weight racks and an array of equipment for developing strength and power. Athletes also build speed on the outdoor 80-yard turf Sprinting Strip that features markers to help athletes train to get faster and improve their 40- and 60-yard sprints.

The Building Of Champions is also where we apply technology to help athletes improve. We don't grab gadgets or buy into gimicks - we select and apply technology solutions that will deliver direct benefits to our athletes. Several of these applications make use of the 3 large screens spaced around the training area. These are used to display and review video analysis for sprint and acceleration technique, viewing presentations about Sports Nutrition, Mental Training and other educational topics, and viewing the training plan for each session.