CSP All-Time Records 2024

New All-Time Records!

The Champion Sports Performance training Programs and Coaches are devoted to helping athletes develop their overall athleticism – especially with building the strength, speed, coordination and conditioning that help them excel and separate themselves from their competition. In order to track each athlete’s progress over time, we conduct Assessments every 2-3 months to quantify how much their hard work in training has translated into improved strength, speed, and performance that they can apply in competition. 

We have been conducting these frequent assessments with athletes of all ages for nearly 9 years! In some cases, we can track the performance progress of athletes who are currently in their 3rd year as College Athletes all the way back to when they were 12 years old! It is incredible to see the growth they’ve achieved and the impact that a program with deliberate, distinct designs for youth, high school, and college athletes can scale as the athletes develop and mature. 

In addition to tracking the individual progress for each athlete in metrics including Acceleration, Top Speed, Strength, Explosive Power, and Agility, we also track the records for male and female athletes in each training age group.

In our most recent assessment, 20 of our ALL-TIME records for each of our training age groups were broken or tied! This is truly remarkable because setting any of the All-Time Records is a tremendous feat, but to have 20 of them broken across all groups is unprecedented. In the image above, the names and metrics in black font color are the newest records on the board.

Just to help put this in perspective, many of our college athletes have grown up training in CSP programs throughout their youth and high school years. So the young athletes who are setting new all-time records are performing at a level that exceeds what our current college athletes were capable of when they were at those younger ages! Incredible.

Congratulations to all of these record-setting athletes! 

And congratulations to every athlete on their progress in our recent assessment. If you were in the program during this assessment and haven’t received your results yet, sit tight – we are working our way through the roster to share those numbers with you.

Here’s to more growth and improvements for all of us in the coming weeks, months, and years!

You can view a larger version of the Record Board here.