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Coach Chris Stratis and Tom Scott Featured in Men’s Health: “Train Like a Karate Champion”

Men’s Health recently reached out to Tom Scott. Tom is training in pursuit of his goal of becoming the first American Karate athlete to qualify for the Olympic Games in Kumite (fighting). They wanted to get a look at how an Olympic hopeful trains to perform at their best.

The Men’s Health team came out to Texas to follow along for one of Tom’s training sessions with Champion Sports Performance in the Building of Champions. They also recorded Tom training in the dojo at Academy Of Classical Karate with his training partner, Travis Hintzel.

We went through an example of one of Tom’s strength & conditioning training sessions to give an idea of what it takes to train his body to perform at his best in the ring as one of the best in the world at his sport. Men’s Health also did a great job of visually connecting our training in the gym with Tom’s training and performance in the dojo, which is a critical consideration when designing his training program.

Today, Tom’s video is the main feature on the Men’s Health website. You can read the article here and check out the video below!

Coach Chris Stratis and Tom Scott featured in Men’s Health “Train Like a Karate Champion”

President George H. W. Bush once said, “I love being out on the course or the court with the greats of today or yesterday. It’s more than name dropping – it’s being close to excellence that I enjoy.

It is an honor working with and pursuing this path with Tom, and I’m excited to share this look at our training through Men’s Health. I hope that it gives an appreciation for how hard he works and some inspiration for others to follow.