Champion Spotlight: Jake Jennings

Champion Spotlight: Jake Jennings

Jake Jennings is a Baseball athlete with an outstanding work ethic and a drive to become the best he can be. To feature Jake in this Champion Spotlight, we asked him some questions about his training and his progress. For an additional perspective we asked his dad, Steve Jennings, some similar questions.

Congratulations, Jake – and keep up the great work!

CSP: How has training with Champion Sports Performance helped you?

CSP: What are some improvements you have seen?

Jake Jennings Sprinting at Top Speed

CSP: How has training with Champion Sports Performance impacted your ability to compete or perform?

CSP: How are things different for you now?

Jake Jennings with the trap bar deadlift during the Champion Sports Performance Summer Training Program

CSP: What have been some of your favorite training approaches, tools, or workouts that you’ve used at Champion Sports Performance – and how have they helped you?

Jump Training at Champion Sports Performance

CSP: What is an unexpected result you’ve had since you began training with Champion Sports Performance?

StatsBroad JumpRotational Med Ball Throw40yd Sprint
Day 15′ 9″27′ 9″5.72 sec
Today8′ 4″44′ 6″5.12 sec
Improvement2′ 7″16′ 9″0.60 sec
% Improvement44.9%60.4%10.5%

CSP: What would you say to someone who is considering training with Champion Sports Performance? Why?

Training Champions Class Rotational Strength Training

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